Turn-Key Achievements for Fitness Apps

You work hard to acquire users. Let BadgeUp help engage and retain them. With BadgeUp’s SaaS achievement platform, add achievements to your fitness app with built-in icons and an intuitive management dashboard to create and manage flexible goals and milestones.

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Why Choose BadgeUp

BadgeUp provides turn-key, customizable achievements getting you to market quickly without custom development. Leverage our team's experience to help guide you during an implementation.

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    Goals and Milestones

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Feature Parity With Market-Leading Fitness Apps

Quickly add achievements, goals, and milestones to your fitness app with minimal effort, getting features to market faster.

Market-Leading fitness apps, such as Fitbit, have gamification features such as achievements.

Achievements are a great way to keep users engaged and boost retention. In a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, a gamified app encouraged participants to report 260% more steps compared to a non-gamified app.

Out of the Box Icons, no Artist Required

Choose from a library of achievement icons or use your own.

codeless criteria builder
codeless criteria builder

Codeless Achievement Management Dashboard

Easily create and modify achievements from the BadgeUp dashboard without writing code or redeploying your app.

Simplified Fitness Gamification

BadgeUp is the simplest and most advanced achievement solution available. Build an engaging fitness experience with:

  • UI components for common platforms such as Ionic, iOS, and Android
  • Repeated milestones so users are always working towards a goal
  • Time-sensitive goals to encourage users to interact consistently
  • Chained/dependent achievements for tiered user progression
  • Multiple, nested criteria so you can create sophisticated goals
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Amazing Features

Integrating our achievement solution into your application is simple.

Flexible Criteria

Built-in support for dependent and nested achievement criteria.


Understand how users are meeting their goals. Use analytics data to drive business decisions and improve retention.

Management Console

View user usage data, manage achievements and make changes easily.

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Our API and pricing plan scales as you do. We have sensible pricing plans for scaling from hundreds of users to millions.


Every feature is backed by an easy-to-understand restful JSON API. Or use one of our many client libraries.


BadgeUp will notify your servers when achievements are earned so you can send push notifications or rewarding emails.

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