Our features are informed by our customers' needs.
Reach out to support@badgeup.io if you would like to request a feature.

Goals & Achievements

Everyone loves achieving their goals.
Give your users the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal, and see your user retention improve.

Add Goals & Achievements
Ship Now

Ship Now, Fine Tune Later

We keep track of user activity.
Send data now; add or modify achievements and awards later.

Integrations for Everything

BadgeUp offers many client libraries to integrate with.
Scoped API keys keep everything secure.

APIs for Everyone
Save Time

Save Time

We’ll handle the achievements, so you can focus on your product.


See What Customers Are Doing

BadgeUp allows you to drill down to the individual-user level, while still keeping the big picture in mind.

See What Customers are Doing

Custom Criteria

Make acheievements as interesting with logical conditions and nesting. You can allow different paths to complete achievements.

Custom Criteria

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