BadgeUp is a user engagement service that brings achievement-based gamification to multiple platforms. Applications use BadgeUp to create a unique experience where users are proud of their accomplishments and want to stay engaged. Our tools add engagement features to applications in record time, help retain users, and enable stakeholders to answer questions about their user's behavior.

We are a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup.

Our Story

BadgeUp was started out of a need to add achievements to a game that wasn't distributed on a platform that offered achievements.

Other platforms such as Google Play and Steam offer basic achievements, but BadgeUp allows you the flexibility to stay platform independent while giving valuable insights about your players.

How it Works

At the core, BadgeUp is an event-based platform that keeps track of user user activity. BadgeUp always has an up-to-date “snapshot” of what your users are doing in your application. These snapshots allow BadgeUp to compute progress towards achievements and goals.

BadgeUp supports complex criteria structures that can be used to build flexible achievements. These structures provide multiple paths to earning achievements. Awards may also be attached to achievements to provide extra incentive to users.

How We're Different

BadgeUp is the first company to provide a fully-managed achievements gamification service outside of game platforms or in-house custom solutions. We're rapidly expanding the functionality of achievements to engage users on more platforms.

Try BadgeUp for free and add achievements to your application. If you have questions about our platform or capabilities, please feel free to contact us at support@badgeup.io.